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Rosenberg TX

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Business Locksmith

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One of the most important services a home owner can achieve is the ability to get in their homes when they have been locked out after losing keys. You could get stranded and when you need home key replacement, but you don’t get help as fast as you need it. But if you call Handy Locksmiths we can come quickly to give you the service that you need in a relatively short time.

Commercial Locksmiths

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Our locksmiths are some of the best trained in the Rosenberg, Texas area and can do your residential key replacement in a way that you will appreciate because of the quality and speed that they deliver. We also make it easy for our technicians to achieve great results because we provide them with the right tools and equipment.

Office Door Locks

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If you have changed residences and are in need of house rekey, we will provide you with key change to enable you to enjoy your new home without worrying about the security. We encourage our customers to change keys to their homes once they move because copies of old keys could fall in the long hands if previous owners shared them with friends and family members. We highly recommend this service not just for your peace of mind, but also for your security.

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